Thursday, August 16, 2012

Funky Hyphens and Not-a-Fortune Poetry

Remember the colleague I described in my last post, the one who edited his cookie insert as he read it aloud? His edits came in a different form last Friday when we returned to Taiwan Garden, as he read his awkwardly hyphenated not-a-fortune and then opined, "That's a funky hyphen. I don't think you can do that....Maybe if it's a poem. Moouuuth..." My colleagues are nothing if not entertaining.

"An angry man opens his mou(-)th and shuts up his eyes."
"You have an usually magnetic personality."

In other news, I have an unusually magnetic personality. I can't decide if this is a good thing. Those smiley faces look menacing to me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fortune Cookie Mad Libs

My colleagues and I have lunch together once or twice a week. Since these outings are not planned in advance, we tend to frequent the same three establishments that are within a couple of miles of the office, two of which specialize in sandwiches. Two weeks ago, someone had the idea that we should branch out and try a Chinese restaurant called Dragon Lady. It is also nearby, and when we pulled into the parking lot we noticed an absence of vehicles, a distinctly negative sign at lunchtime in our collective opinion. Luckily, just down the street there is another Chinese restaurant, Taiwan Garden, and we decided to try our luck with it. I can't say our choice was affirmed when we walked into an empty dining room.

Taiwan Garden has an extensive (and inexpensive) lunch menu, and the server brought three fortune cookies with the check. When my colleague began to read his insert aloud and said, "I think they meant to add 'the' here, so I'm just going to do it for them," I interjected, "You know you're having lunch with an editor when..."

Dissatisfied with our not-a-fortunes (and who could blame him?), my other colleague tore the inserts in half and attempted to rework them in more interesting ways.

Above, the original not-a-fortunes:
"He who hurries cannot walk with dignity."
"The best profit of future is the past."
"You like participating in competitive sports."

Below, fortune cookie mad libs:

Have you thought of anything creative to do with your fortune cookie inserts lately?