Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not-a-Fortune Gets Some Nice Press

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Austin American-Statesman food writer Addie Broyles when she interviewed me for an article leading up to the Chinese New Year (Jan. 23rd). Titled "The fascinating origins of fortune cookies," it is available here

Broyles references Jennifer 8. Lee's book The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, which I blogged about in July of 2010. She writes about Matt Kelsey's blog "My Daily Fortune," that chronicles his year of playing the lottery based on the numbers listed on the back of fortune cookie inserts. Kelsey guest blogged for me in March of 2011. Broyles's article also mentions Dorothy Huang, who taught this Chinese New Year cooking class Audriella and I took at Central Market in January of 2010 and this Chinese New Year cooking class Erin and I took (also at Central Market) last year. I am sad I won't be in attendance at Huang's class this week but I promise to bring in the Chinese New Year in another way (will it be as fun as the year Myrtle, Erin, and I made dinner, attempted to make our own fortune cookies - to limited success - and lit sparklers?). Anyone want to get together and eat some Chinese food, crack open some fortune cookies, and talk about how great the Year of the Dragon will be? 


  1. You sound very scholarly about your cookies. How much sleep were you actually functioning on though? ;)

  2. Hi there,

    Nice blog idea, divine topic. I am an Austinite living in Barcelona and a friend sent me the Statesman article. Congratulations for that.

    I am a project and content strategist, have a professional blog and love fortune cookies. I just published a post that you might get a kick out of and I get a kick out of sharing it with a kindred soul.

    The fortunes are about our projects and work.

    It's called: Delight in a moment of mystery: Fortune cookies for a strategic 2012

    You can take a look here if you like:


    Enjoy and "mando besos a Austin",



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