Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chickens Can't Tell Fortunes...

or can they? On New Year's Eve, My friends (and reliable Not-a-Fortune enablers) UnScurvyGirl and Mr. Fabulous gave me this Fortune Chicken:
Made in the Netherlands, Fortune Chickens are to be smashed "in times of confusion or great despair." 

Pre-smashed Fortune Chicken:


After a series of stomps, the Fortune Chicken revealed its message.

The only remaining photo I have of the Fortune Chicken's insert is terribly blurred. However, it reads:
"You are not an accident. The world needs you."

While smashing the Fortune Chicken did not result in delivery of an actual fortune, I can think of few more life-affirming, celebratory ways to usher in a new year than being told the world needs you. Not just one person- the whole world.
[Note: I cannot resist making a reference to the Friends episode where Phoebe gets a tattoo of the whole world (in actuality it is the size of a freckle- she was afraid of the needle). Rachel: "Phoebe got the whole world."]
Thank you to UnScurvyGirl and Mr. Fabulous for this unique contribution to the blog.

Related sidenote: I came across a song titled "Fortune Tellin' Chicken" by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet (of Kids In the Hall fame). Other than a few spoken-word lines in the beginning it is instrumental, but the video is interesting. For instance, would you like to ask a chicken a question like "Am I pregnant?" How about "Does Mom like me the best?" or "Did the chicken cross the road?" Follow this link and see for yourself.

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