Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fortune Cookie Day?

The question mark that concludes the title of this post is no accident. When Blonde Birdie told me that September 13th is Fortune Cookie Day, my response was that we just celebrated National Fortune Cookie Day not too long ago (in July, to be exact). Nevertheless, according to at least one source, it is Fortune Cookie Day. I don't want to be persnickety (okay, I almost always want to be persnickety, but in this case I don't want to direct my persnickety ways at fortune cookies), but what is the deal with all of these dedicated days? Have you noticed that there is a day for everything lately? I'm not complaining about National Beer Day or National Cupcake Day, necessarily, I just think it might be getting a little out of hand. You know what I'd like? National Nap Day. Or week. Or month. Perhaps I'll move to one of those countries where they take the idea of a daily siesta seriously. Where would that be, exactly? Spain? Italy? Fiji? Please say Fiji...

But I digress. Last night I wrote a thank-you note on one of these cards. I'm almost out of them. I suppose I'm in the market for new note cards. Will I find anything as perfect? (Doubtful.)

I received a few cookie inserts since my last post. So did a few of my friends. In celebration of Fortune Cookie Day (whenever that is), here they are:

I received this hedging-your-bets fortune at the end of August:
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

Not long after that, I ordered take out and got three fortune cookies. Apparently, an order for egg drop soup, shrimp spring rolls, and sesame chicken should be enough for three people on a Friday night.
"Joy comes from peace today, save the adventure till next week."

"It is up to you to create your own adventures today!"

At this point I was quite confused. Conflicting advice, much?

"If you want to win anything - a race, your self, your life - you have to go a little berserk."

Berserk it is!

Continuing in the spirit of adventure, Pam shared these inserts:
"Traveling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness."
"You have a charming way with words and should write a book."
(The bottom fortune was Pam's and her partner told her it's true. Awww.)

Erin sent two inserts, both actual fortunes:
"You are next in line for promotion in your firm."

"Something wonderful is about to happen to you."

From the way the fortunes read, Erin's life is about to get very exciting- in a good way!

This not-a-fortune came to me yesterday by way of Single Blonde's co-worker, who received it at lunch at Hwa Yuan Chinese. I had no intention of writing this post but the combination of this insert and Fortune Cookie Day was too strong a temptation.
"A woman who seeks to be equal with men lacks ambition. Ouch!!!"