Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What She Said

My friend K-Felts is visiting our nation's capital, where she received this message on the underside of a SoBe Green Tea cap:

"That's what she said"

[Confession: I don't watch The Office. When this saying became really popular a couple of years ago, I was unaware of its origin* and instead of playing along I would complain about its vulgarity. People who know me well don't understand why I don't like The Office. I don't have a good answer for this except that dry, uncomfortable humor isn't my kind of funny. It may seem out of character for me, but I enjoy two types of humor much more: 1. physical comedy, and 2. sarcasm. Regardless, my friends who think I should like The Office will sometimes have it on while I'm there and they will look at me expectantly- they will watch me watching the show. And when I laugh, as I inevitably do, they reiterate that I should like the show. And yet I don't, though I no longer find the saying "That's what she said" vulgar.]

*The phrase "That's what she said" originated in a Saturday Night Live "Wayne's World" sketch with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey but has gained notoriety thanks to Steve Carell's The Office character Michael Scott.

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