Friday, June 10, 2011

Cold Beer!

I first learned about Magic Hat beer - and the quirky sayings printed on the undersides of the caps - in March of 2010. I blogged about it. You can read that post here. You can read follow-up posts here and here. If you enter "Magic Hat" into the search box on the sidebar of this blog, you will get more results than you might expect for a blog that is ostensibly about fortune cookies, which probably says more about how much I like beer than it does about anything else. I'm fine with that. I have friends who like beer, too, and when they drink beer that offers a bonus - such as a quirky saying on the underside of the cap - they share that message with me.

Here's @agostinelli's Magic Hat cap:
"Don't Think Twice, it's All Right."

And here's @hillarykwiatek's:
"Put a glide in yo' stride, and a dip in yo' hip"
[Personally, I appreciate the correct use of the apostrophe in this one. #grammarnerd]

With the heat of summer already upon us, I foresee more cold beer in our future...

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