Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revisiting Elephant Kissing

Do you remember when my friend Cristina guest blogged about elephant kissing? If not, follow that link and read her original guest post. I'll wait. 
Okay. I've asked her to guest blog again because the following fortune cookie-related tale is too good not to share with my readers. It's poignant and speaks to the magic of dreams, of wishes fulfilled, of listening to your children and giving them what they want, even if it means oodles and oodles of noodles.

Readers, I give you an update on elephant kissing:

It was July when it all happened, this double whammy fortune.  I woke up that morning and got ready for the day and my heart was extraordinarily heavy.  It was obviously apparent that, once again, I was not pregnant.  Though my husband and I hadn’t been trying for the years that many couples who struggle will struggle, the many months we had been in the fertility game so far had been heart heavy ones for me.  Each month that passed, it was becoming harder and harder for me to not cry with each negative.  And this day in July it was even more difficult because in my mind I was still calculating how far along I should have been if I had not miscarried just a short time ago in May. 

My son requested Chinese food for lunch that day.  And so off we went, the three of us, to eat Chinese food. We didn’t go to our typical place where there is a Mongolian Buffet.  We went to a “cheaper” place where my son will eat himself sick on chicken satay skewers and noodles.  My husband and I got our fortunes and once again he painfully ate his whole cookie before he read his while I opened mine and cast aside the cookie. (They’re disgusting.)
I know typically this is where we insert a photograph of the actual fortunes, but I am not going to do so.  Instead, I will add special photographs of something else with the fortunes printed underneath.

My husband's fortune read thusly:

 “What you have recently lost will soon be replaced.”

And what did my fortune say?  My fortune cookie held this treasure for me:

 “Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.”

We didn’t really talk about it, but we both knew what we wanted our fortunes to mean.  But really, fortune cookies fortunes don’t actually come true.  If they did, I would have to kiss an elephant.  However, I mentally recorded the date, July 19th, and we went on with our lives.

As can be seen, fortune cookies can foretell the future in some way.  On October 19th I had a positive on a pregnancy test and we will welcome our baby girl this July 25th – just a few days later from when we received those fortune cookies.   


  1. Love this post! Kind of gave me goose bumps. My baby book has a fortune that my mom and dad recieved while she was pregnant with me, and it makes me smile everytime I've looked at it.

  2. Greatness! Angie got that same fortune and 3 months will be March 30th - she is due on April 3rd. Pretty crazy! (Don't try to figure the math from now, she got the fortune a while back and I keep forgetting to tell you!)

  3. That is seriously the fertility fortune!

  4. Wow that is awesome! Makes us want to go out and get a bag of fortune cookies and try them all until one says "your screenplay will sell for $1 million and will be produced by Tina Fey" or something like that.... CONGRATS!

    BTW @wrightallison Great blog concept, love the fortunes!


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