Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Last Apothecary Magic Hat Prediction?

I've blogged about the sayings on the undersides of Magic Hat bottle caps before: first back in March of last year, when @meh1214 introduced me to them; then again two months later after an unsuccessful Washington, D.C., search for fortune cookies; and last month when Erin, K-Felts, and I visited our favorite Austin wine bar, Apothecary. You'll notice a theme to my Magic Hat posts: most all of my bottle caps are acquired via the good people at Apothecary. Hence my dismay upon learning that Apothecary is no longer carrying Magic Hat.

Last Thursday I met Erin, K-Felts, and Single Blonde in the City at Apothecary for some much-needed girls' time, which SBITC chronicled here.
(aftermath of girls' time)

Before I left, though, I had what may be my last Magic Hat at Apothecary:
"Frolic around downtown."

Without reading too much into three little words printed on the underside of a beer bottle cap (or giving away too much), this not-a-fortune may prove timely...

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