Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Love It When They Come True

In the post where I chronicled my holiday fun, I noted the fortune I received at lunch with my parents:
"You will be reunited with old friends before the month is out."
It came true!
Back in August of 2010 I blogged about a childhood friend of mine who is now a big, bad (in the good way) Marine who often shares his and his family's cookie inserts with me. He lives in North Carolina but spent some time in Texas over the holidays visiting family and friends- including me- yay! Having recently celebrated his wife's birthday at an Asian restaurant and in anticipation of our reunion, he saved as many cookie inserts as he could. (A man after my own heart.) He also - drum roll, please - saved the extra fortune cookies for me. (A man after my own stomach?) And that is how I came to have three fortune cookies in my purse when Erin and I were at Apothecary the other night.

Thanks for making time to see me, JMac!


  1. Is it possible for not-a-fortunes to come true?

  2. Sounds like an extra special holiday treat for you! Remind me to ask Angie for her insert ... eery.

  3. @LT: you have an example?

  4. That's great and I also believe that sometimes fortune comes the way as it has come to you.


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