Saturday, January 1, 2011

Apothecary Nights

Hanging out with my girl Erin at our favorite haunt Apothecary the other night, the topic of fortunes and fortune cookies came up. I happened to have three fortune cookies in my purse (more on that later), so we opened them. Only one contained an actual fortune:

"You have a heart of gold."
"Hear with your ears but listen with your heart."
"You will be surrounded by things of luxury."

Let me explain the bottle caps in the photo. I wanted Magic Hat because, as I've blogged about before, Magic Hat bottles include not-a-fortunes on the caps. But K-Dub wanted to serve me Stellas with his interpretations of not-a-fortunes instead: "U Dumb" and "Girl U Fine." (Thanks for playing, K-Dub, Erin, @niraj26, and Papa C.)

Today, Erin and I returned to Apothecary along with our friend K-Felts for a lovely New Year's brunch. When the mimosas were drank and the quiche, curried deviled eggs, prosciutto macaroni and cheese, and creole potato hash was consumed, I finally got the Magic Hat I wanted all week, courtesy of Michael. Under the cap?
"velociraptors never knock on doors"

happy new year!

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  1. So why did you have three fortune cookies in your purse ?


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