Monday, December 6, 2010

Fortune Cookies in the Bath?

For several weeks I had tickets to see Bob Schneider at the One World Theatre, a gorgeous venue in Austin. Not everyone likes Bob Schneider, but I do. I had been looking forward to this night. I asked Single Blonde in the City to be my date. We went to dinner at The Grove, and then were surprised to find ourselves at a Christmas concert with Bob and friends. When the couple next to us asked if we knew the concert was going to feature Christmas music, we realized we weren't the only ones for whom the program insert was the first indication of a holiday theme. Upon leaving the venue, a screaming, raging concertgoer threatening to "go in there and demand a refund" was our second clue.

SBITC saved my night with the gift of relaxation: fortune cookies meant for the bath.

As pictured above, the cookie insert peeks out. What does it say, does it need to dissolve before I'll know?

"Thank you for helping raise money for the American Cancer Society."

What the what?! That's not a fortune at all! That's not even a not-a-fortune! But you're welcome, American Cancer Society; and thank you, SBITC, you're the best!


  1. Pretty hilarious. Hope you enjoyed your bath.

  2. So the Christmas concert was bad? I haven't seen Bob in years, and sadly can't remember much of the last time I saw him. Thanks a lot, shots.

  3. @LT: I wouldn't say the concert was bad, but that's only because a) SBITC was my date and I was therefore able to make snarky comments throughout; b) I got to experience the music of Matt the Electrician, who really does have a beautiful voice. Other than that, it was AWFUL. Mostly because 1) I abhor Christmas music; 2) Bob wasn't actually involved all that much - he would sing a song and then introduce another musician and walk off stage; and 3) almost the entire second half was comprised of a performance by the Austin Girls' Choir, who, though I'm sure a lovely bunch, just made us feel like we were parents sitting through a choir concert by the end (as one of us noted, "do you have to be unfortunate-looking to be in the choir?" And who selects those unflattering dresses, anyway?).

    Now, shots or no shots, SBITC and I are planning to hit up a Scabs show at Antone's one of these nights (or we can always see Bob at the Saxon Pub on a Monday night)- so come with us!

  4. Aw, poor unfortunate choir souls... kind of makes you wonder where all the good looking professional singers came from- oh, wait. You don't have to have talent to be successful anymore!
    I'm up for Antone's next time you go- but I think I'll take the non-shot option this time!

  5. It's the gift that gave twice! :)
    Totally looking forward to a Scabs show, and another date night with you.


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