Thursday, November 25, 2010

The End of My 31st Birthday Celebrations, FortuneCookieJunkie Style

My apologies for the interruptions. Allow me to complete the pictorial chronicle of how my friends spoiled me and fed my fortune cookie obsession. Since I've been teasing you with my trip to P.F. Chang's for weeks now (exciting, I know), I'll begin with the not-a-fortune I received after Colleen and I had a scrumptious (shout out to my mother, as that's one of her favorite words) meal, which began with the all-too-addictive crispy green beans and ended with an interesting carrot cake cheesecake in celebration of my birthday (duh).
"Everyone feels lucky for having you as a friend."
[Sidenote: this cookie insert includes my lucky number, an element imperative to Bea Dazzler's belief in an insert's proverbial power.]

This cookie insert, though not bearing an actual fortune, may have been a harbinger of what was to come. Feast your eyes on the card Colleen gave me:
Now if that doesn't say "I feel lucky for having you as a friend," I don't know what does!

Do you recall where I keep my fortune cookie inserts? Over a year ago, in my second Not-a-Fortune post ever, I wrote about this little gem, which I had just received as a 30th birthday gift from Myrtle.
Yeah, well, it now looks like this, crammed to the gills with cookie inserts:
In fact, the little silver fortune cookie that could is so stuffed that I have a stack of cookie inserts sitting on my desk awaiting a new home. At least I did until my friend and next door neighbor Hester gave me this fortune folio:
According to the faux insert on the cover card, "Success comes to those who keep their fortunes in this handy scrapbook." Woo hoo!

And someone wanted to make sure I don't have any trouble filling the scrapbook, as I received this box of personalized fortune cookies:
(And this photo was taken after several have been consumed!)

You'll note the word personalized, meaning I won't be sharing the contents of all of those fortunes. However, I will tell you the first cookie I opened contained an insert reading, "You will always love not camping." I cannot imagine that this will ever not be true.

Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday special. You all remind me how fortunate I am to have such great friends and family every day of the year.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

They're Everywhere!

I'm at an academic conference this weekend. I'm carrying a bag I don't carry on a daily basis. I reached into one of the interior pockets and instead of a (purple) pen or my lip balm, what did I find? A fortune cookie insert!

"If you are wise with your decisions, good things are bound to come."

It's labeled "M&D" in the corner, meaning it's one of my parents' cookie inserts (Mom & Dad), from who knows how long ago. I'm posting from my phone on the fly and can't look back through my old posts to see if I've shared this one previously. Is it a fortune or not? Good things are bound to come, sure, but only IF you are wise with your decisions. Hedging its bets...

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some 31st Birthday Fortunes

At the end of my last post I promised you I'd chronicle my birthday trip to P.F. Chang's, and I will, but not in this post. Why? A couple of reasons: chronologically, I'm going to start at the beginning, and P.F. Chang's isn't it. Also: I don't have access to the photos from that event at hand, and I'm feeling lazy at the moment. My blog, my prerogative. ;)

I'll begin with my parents' visit, which included Chinese food for lunch (shocking, I know). Here is the actual fortune I received following the meal:
"A pleasant surprise is in store for you."

And this was true, as I found out when UnScurvyGirl's delivery of homemade Nutter Butters arrived. Yes, you read that correctly: homemade Nutter Butters. A box full of them. All for me. Now that's what I call a gift! Plus, it came with a personalized fortune:
"You will have a sugar high very soon. Oh and you'll be older, too."

Both true. That UnScurvyGirl is nothing if not creative, sassy, and clever. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Beginnings of Birthday Postings...

... and HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY to my girl Erin, a great friend of Not-a-Fortune from its inception. 

I turned 31 last month (still not used to saying "31" instead of "30") and my parents and friends spoiled me with fortune cookie-related gifts and outings. In an effort to keep from overwhelming myself, I've decided to write two or three posts about all of this birthday love. As today is my dear friend Erin's 30th birthday, I'll begin with her gift:

(and it was delicious)

The insert reads, "You will find all the joy life has to offer in the years to come." I may hold her to that. ;)

Due to unforeseen scheduling snafus and last minute changes of plans, Erin gave me this gift at her own 30th birthday party this past weekend. It was a great party, weeks in the making. I live-tweeted it as best I could while also trying to enjoy myself. Erin blogged about readying her house (her yard, really) for the soiree at Pardon My Dust and I have no doubt she will also chronicle the event itself in due time. Check it out.

Meanwhile, welcome to your thirties, Erin. May this new decade bring you much happiness.

Next up in the "Allison turns 31 and eats lots of Chinese food" series: Colleen & I go to P.F. Chang's, UnScurvyGirl makes the best Nutter Butters, and an entire box of personalized fortune cookies arrives!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'll Be Back...but who is "our"?

I'll be back with new posts after a brief hiatus. In fact, I've drafted the beginning of a post detailing all the wonderful fortune cookie-related birthday goodness my friends and family bestowed upon me, so expect that in the not-so-distant future.

In the meantime, I'll leave you pondering to whom "our" refers in the following fortune, shared with me by one of my favorite Twintelopes:
"Don't forget, you are always on our minds."

Monday, November 1, 2010

If I Wasn't a Sour Cream Fan Before...

That's right: I don't like sour cream. There. I said it. But I do cook with it upon occasion, which is exactly what I did last Friday night when I made panna cotta using a recipe from Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc at Home. And what did I find when I opened the carton of Daisy?

"A smile can start a conversation without saying a word."

I think this post and the previous two prove this concept. Thanks, Daisy.