Tuesday, October 12, 2010

As Seen in Lake Casa Blanca State Park

...but not by me, 'cause I love not camping.

"It's time to treat yourself to something special."

My friend Erin (formerly CAChick05, but we'll just dispense with the pseudonym since I'm directing you to her blog) of Pardon My Dust found this not-a-fortune on the ground at Lake Casa Blanca State Park in Laredo, Texas. She wants to know if found not-a-fortunes still apply to her. As this one suggests indulgence, I'm inclined to answer in the affirmative. Readers, your thoughts?


  1. She was meant to find it... get something GREAT!

  2. I vote that it definitely applies to me. But of course, I'm a little biased.

  3. I love this one!
    My son started collecting the tops off his Jones soda so I could share them with you -- I took pictures but they didn't turn out, I'll share them on facebook with you!


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