Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Update

I'm beginning this weekend update with a found not-a-fortune from the world of my friend Abbey, whose last contribution can be found here. As you would know if you read her blog, Abbey's husband is scheduled to return from Iraq for two whole weeks (!) and she is all kinds of excited. While cleaning in preparation for his visit, she found a not-a-fortune that read,

"Prepare today for the demands of tomorrow."

With three kids and a new puppy, I know Abbey has a lot on her plate. So when she said finding this made her smile, I told her that sometimes those little pieces of paper make a lot of sense.  

My dear friend and now neighbor Hester* also received a not-a-fortune that made a lot of sense to me, especially given the fact that she was dining at a mall food court at the time:

"Treat yourself to something of quality."

That's my kind of not-a-fortune!

In an odd coincidence earlier this week, Bea Dazzler and I were enjoying Chinese food at the same time but in different cities. She sent me this photo of her not-a-fortune:
"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level."

You may recall that Bea Dazzler doesn't buy into a cookie insert (fortune or not) unless her lucky number is included on the back. Alas, on this one it was not. 



  1. ...if nothing else, it qualifies for the longest fortune I've ever seen!

  2. Love Bea's fortune - lucky number or not, I think it is great. :o)


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