Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet the Princess...and Read His Fortune

Readers, please allow me to introduce you to Princess Quite-A-Lot. Perhaps you remember his hetero life partner (HLP), Mr. Fabulous:

Princess Quite-A-Lot has made one previous appearance on this blog (or rather his fortune - and his hand holding it - has) but since he wasn't pictured I merely referred to him as Bea Dazzler's husband. While that is accurate, I now have art. Without further ado, meet Princess Quite-A-Lot:

Princess Quite-A-Lot and Bea Dazzler must have enjoyed some Chinese food together recently because they both sent me their actual fortunes at the same time. His royal highness's fortune:
"You are about to receive a big compliment."
(To which I responded, "You are so sweet and thoughtful to share your fortune with me." This prompted The Princess to note, "Wow, fortune cookies are SO true!!!")

Bea Dazzler's fortune:

"You will be honored with a prestigious prize or reward."
(You will recall that Bea Dazzler requires her cookie inserts to include her lucky number on the back in order for her to invest any belief in their maxims - fortunes or not. Good news, readers: this little slip of paper was a winner! Bea Dazzler guessed that she might win an Oscar. If she does, I hope she takes me as her date. I clean up well. And I bet Princess Quite-A-Lot would let me borrow his tiara. Just sayin'.)

Thanks for sharing your fortunes, Bea Dazzler and Princess Quite-A-Lot. You are an amazing couple who will soon make fantastic parents. I look forward to meeting and celebrating your new addition.

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