Friday, August 6, 2010

Los Angeles: Another Failed Attempt at Vacation Fortune Cookie-Hunting

That's right, readers: my recent trip to L.A. did not result in a fortune cookie, though not for lack of trying. Multiple Chinese restaurants were suggested, discussed, evaluated, discarded, and one was finally selected: RockSugar.

Water Wall at RockSugar - our tour guide requested that we be seated close to this

A "pan Asian kitchen" located in Century City, I visited RockSugar with my traveling companion AwesomeFromAmherst, our L.A. tour guide, and his hot prom date. RockSugar is primarily a family-style dining affair. We ordered the following: Indian Stuffed Flatbread (mostly because it came with spicy homemade ketchup and I am nothing if not a ketchup fiend); Thai Noodles with Chicken (our tour guide's hot prom date couldn't eat this one but it turns out she wasn't missing much, as it was the least tasty of the bunch); Caramel Chicken; Claypot Beef (winner winner chicken (beef?) dinner); and Shaking Beef. It was all delicious, and though it was not accompanied by fortune cookies as our tour guide had expected it to be, I forgave him.

Catch-up post chronicling actual fortunes and not-a-fortunes coming soon...

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