Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Fortunes & Not-a-Fortunes

Taking a cue from my friend j over at Zebra Sounds, I've decided to take advantage of the day and do a "Friday's Fortunes and Not-a-Fortunes" post. 

This is a photo of the Neely's Fortune Cookie Sundae. My friend D (who blogs about reality tv, fleshmobiles, and all things ridiculous here) sent me the link to this recipe. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a great idea for leftover fortune cookies.

A childhood friend of mine who is now a big, scary Marine sent me these cookie inserts:

A friend of his who will soon be discharged received this fortune:
"You are soon going to change your present line of work."
My friend's five-year-old son's fortune read,
"You have an important new business development shaping up."
And finally, my friend's not-a-fortune:
"You have an active mind and a keen imagination."
[Note: although this is not an actual fortune, it is true. Follow this link to become a fan of his party table-making business.]

"Your talents will bring you the highest status and prestige."
This was my niece's fortune, which she quickly deemed (and I agreed) "Best. Fortune. Ever." Her husband also received a fortune:

"You will inherit an unexpected sum of money within the year."
At first glance, this looks like an exciting fortune. However, without a specific dollar amount I much prefer my niece's fortune to this one. $5? No, thanks.

I'll round up this Friday post with fortune cookie inserts shared with me by three of my favorite twitter friends. With its focus on the necessity of books in one's life, Hippiechick's not-a-fortune has a special place in my heart:
"A house without books is like a room without windows."

At work one day, my favorite Iowan grabbed a fortune cookie and received this fortune:
"Luck will visit you on the next new moon."
[September 8th, 2010]

CleverTitleTK wants to know if her fortune is "a euphemism for 'You're going to die'?"
"You will soon be crossing the great waters."


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  1. The fc sorbet looks and sounds delicious! We may have to make some sometime.
    RE: CleverTitleTK.....of course not, it means a cruise or tour over the great seas of our world.


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