Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friends & Fortune Cookies

One of my favorite Twitter friends has given me a shout out on her blog, which is so ridiculously awesome and unexpected I can't even begin to explain how much it made my day. Actually, when I think about it tomorrow and the next day (as I invariably will), and it makes those days as well, it will have made my week. Go to www.rachelintheoc.com to read the post (and while you're there, bookmark the site and go back frequently- you'll thank me later). 

The way this works is that Rachel (of "Rachel in the OC" fame, which you should have visited by now) won an award for her fabulous blog (the one you've already visited, remember?). This award required her to answer 10 questions and to then "pay it forward" by selecting 5 of her favorite blogs/bloggers
who then answer 10 new questions of Rachel's choosing. As I carefully consider my responses to her 10 questions, please enjoy this post about my friends' recent fortunes and not-a-fortunes. And check back soon for my award-winning post!

The four-year-old daughter of my very good friend (and former neighbor) received this cookie insert last month. Although it's technically not a fortune, I feel loved each and every time I see her, as she always runs up, throws her arms around me, and gives me a giant hug.


A girlfriend of mine whose blog I've recommended before and who is a loyal reader and frequent contributor - Single Blonde in the City - sent me this not-a-fortune after a recent meal at P.F. Chang's. Not the best cookie insert. HOWEVER...

When she received *this* FORTUNE she deemed it the "Best fortune. Ever." for reasons that should be obvious to those who read her blog. And if you are not one of those people, you should be. Immediately.

Continuing the trend of good fortunes - yes, actual fortunes - another loyal reader and frequent contributor, Blonde Birdie, received the following fortune:
"An unexpected windfall will soon be yours."
As she said, "Good, huh?"

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  1. AH! I love how she described you. Hilarious.


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