Saturday, May 1, 2010

We All Need a Little Sparkle in Our Lives

This is Sparkleplenty, my nine-year-old (in two weeks) BFF. We met in 2006 when we lived down the street from one another. Sparkleplenty is a nickname she has earned because of her love of all things - you guessed it - glittery and sparkly. She is also a fan of pink and purple; for her 8th birthday I gave her a large wooden sign cut into the word "Sparkle," painted pink and covered with glitter. It hangs on her bedroom wall to remind her that she brings sparkle into my life each time I see her.

In the photo above, we are dining at a casual Asian restaurant, Fire Bowl. We both received instructional fortune cookie inserts (not-a-fortunes) following that meal:

"Put all your unhappiness aside, life is beautiful, be happy."
"Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can."

However, on another day more recently, Sparkleplenty received the following ACTUAL FORTUNE from Panda Express:


How great of a fortune is that?!?

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