Friday, May 21, 2010

An Unexpected Encounter with a Fortune Cookie Distributor (of sorts)

Last night my friend Jonesy and I met for a couple of pints at Austin's Draught House Pub & Brewery. It's American Craft Beer Week at this local drinkery, which means brewery representatives are available to answer questions and supply samples. Last night featured North Coast's owner, Tom Allen. Jonesy started off with a pint of the Real Ale ESB, then had one of the Draught House's own brews, and finished with a couple of Live Oak Big Barks. I had Live Oak Hefeweizen.

This photo is taken from inside the Draught House. Jonesy is in line for our 2nd round.

You may be wondering where the fortune cookies come into play. Right now.

After the Draught House, we walked to the new & improved Waterloo Ice House for some grub. Jonesy had The Works burger with tots. I had the cheese fries, which I highly recommend.

At Waterloo:
I can't recall why Jonesy is making this face. I promise it's not because I'm taking his picture.

As we finished eating, we happened to enter into a conversation with one of the servers, who also works at P.F. Chang's. I mentioned that I didn't get a fortune cookie the last time I was there. He asked where I had been sitting (the bar, duh), and I asked how he distributes the cookies. As someone who blogs about all things fortune cookie-related and had a professional fortune cookie distributor in my reach, how could I not?

His response was that he originally placed a cookie in front of each diner but that he has since revised his technique. He now places all of the cookies in the center of the table. Why? Because he thinks people should be able to choose their own fortunes (or not-a-fortunes). (You may recall that this very occurrence required a do-over two months ago.) Furthermore, he does not hand out broken cookies, nor does he read the cookie inserts that come inside of them. If he himself receives a broken cookie, he will eat it but will not read the insert. He throws it away along with the wrapper, sight unseen. These tendencies remind me of some of my readers' (and my own) fortune cookie superstitions, which I originally blogged about here.

Finally, merely for your viewing pleasure, this is what Jonesy and I happened upon on our walk back:

What's wrong with this picture?

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