Sunday, May 23, 2010

Theatrical Fortune Cookies

My Audriella forwarded me the link below almost a month ago and I neglected to thoroughly investigate it, which is a bummer because you'll notice the subject is a theatre company in Washington, D.C.- the place from which I have just returned.

According to its website, the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company was named "the hottest theatre company in town" by The Washington Post. The 2010 season marks its 30th anniversary; in celebration, Woolly Mammoth is serving free fortune cookies in the lobby. Inside each cookie is a question "about what the play means to you." The theatre encourages its patrons to email them with responses to each of six different questions. The questions and some of the responses are posted HERE. They are well worth checking out.

I'd love to hear your responses to the questions posed on the site. Feel free to click on the link and then post your responses to the questions in the comments section here.


  1. Where is your childhood friend right now?

    In Minneapolis doing improv comedy and writing for _The Onion_. We're Facebook friends and see each other occasionally!

  2. That is such a brilliant promotional idea - I love it!


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