Saturday, April 17, 2010

Which Fortunes Do You Keep? And...Introducing Mr. Fabulous!

Friday night (April 16th), UnScurvyGirl and I went to dinner at Asti and then went to see the hilarious Chelsea Handler's stand-up show. After the show, we met up with UnScurvyGirl's husband, Mr. Fabulous (see below), and another friend of ours, Austin's newest and best police officer (as of next Friday), at House Wine. As the four of us sat chatting and having our nightcaps, the topic of fortunes arose. UnScurvyGirl pulled out her wallet and dug out these three fortune cookie inserts:

"Treat others as you would treat yourself."
"Your creativity takes you to great heights."
"The secret of vast riches begins with a single penny."

UnScurvyGirl isn't sure why she carries around these particular cookie inserts, but the middle insert - "Your creativity takes you to great heights" - is particularly well-suited to her. Also, as she pointed out, two of the inserts include instruction in the Chinese language: "To Taste" and "Beef." Perhaps she keeps these inserts because of their unique pairing.

What prompted UnScurvyGirl to bring out these cookie inserts? Meet Mr. Fabulous, UnScurvyGirl's husband of ten years.

Mr. Fabulous told us of a fortune he's been saving that portends of his future baldness. He then took out his wallet to show us said fortune but instead revealed a not-a-fortune on a completely different topic. UnScurvyGirl has no recollection of Mr. Fabulous receiving (or saving) a balding-themed fortune whatsoever, and we are all still waiting for him to recover this gem. 

Are there particular fortunes that you keep? Which ones? Why?


  1. I saw this and I thought that you would like it! I found your site through Delaney. Hope you enjoy this!


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