Monday, April 19, 2010

A Surprise Gift of Fortune from My Flo

I recently opened my front door to find a package from Crane & Co. out of Massachusetts. I hadn't ordered anything from them, nor do I know anyone in MA who would send me something. Curious, I immediately opened the box to find this spectacular green box of thank-you cards, accompanied by a note from my college roommate, Flo,* who lives just outside of our nation's capital. She had seen these fortune-themed thank-you cards and couldn't resist sending them to me!

The set includes three different messages from which to choose when sending a thank-you note and comes with red envelopes with gold lining - how appropriate, as red and gold are considered fortunate colors in Chinese tradition. 

I have always loved receiving mail, and who doesn't appreciate a thoughtful gift? Thanks, my Flo!

*Flo is a nickname that has survived since our first year in college.


  1. They are just adorable! I never would have dreamed. Some people find the cutest gifts!

  2. Oooh, I LOVE surprise mail!! Yahoo!!

  3. very cute. nothing better than a surprise gift. Except a thank you note. If they are one and the same, that's perfection!

  4. Kate Spade, Flo and fortune cookies...great day!


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