Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes You Need a Do-Over

I met two of my best friends (and college suitemates) for dinner last night. After the meal, the server placed a fortune cookie in front of each of us. 

Audriella's not-a-fortune, which she deemed "advice": "Always surround yourself with true friends." [I'd like to point out that our dinner was evidence of her doing just that.]

Myrtle's fortune: "A dream you have will come true."

My not-a-fortune: "Someone you care about seeks reconciliation."

Audriella decided that because the server doled out the fortune cookies and we were therefore not allowed to choose our own fortunes (or not-a-fortunes), we deserved a do-over. She asked for new cookies, mixed them up as only she can, and we selected anew.

Audriella's not-a-fortune: "The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by wanting more."

Myrtle's not-a-fortune: "Face any problem with dignity."

My fortune: "The respect and help of influential people will soon be yours."

Not bad for a random Tuesday night's dinner!


  1. Interesting how that worked.....given and yours was not....asked for and yours was. Very interesting! Glad y'all were able to get together for some BFF time.

  2. Your first one could actually be converted into a fortune with just a *slight* revision...


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