Friday, March 26, 2010

Magic Hat

Have you ever encountered a cultural saying of sorts that seems similar to a fortune cookie insert? The sayings on the underside of the Magic Hat bottlecaps offer just this type of advice.

"The urge to create is always great."
"The choice has always been yours."
"Do not quibble with iskabibble."
"What could be better than a beer with Eddie Vedder"

Thanks to Michael at Apothecary for saving these caps for me & CAChick05 for researching this post with me.

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  1. Um, it's really cool that they're saving them for you at Apothecary.

  2. The only reason Magic Hat sells is marketing. The beer inside lacks integrity.

  3. My Mom had a donkey named Ishkabibble - She passed August 18, 2000. I was pretty darn sure when I got the "Iskabibble" cap she was saying hello!! Love it!


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