Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dog-Friendly Fortune Cookie

Given my obvious interest in fortune cookies, it was really only a matter of time before my dogs got in on the action. What you see above is a dog toy with an actual fortune attached. 

"There's travel in your future. Unfortunately, it's a trip to the vet."

The toy, purchased from SquidStuffis, arrived protected in bubblewrap and with dog treats.

I gave it to The Penny (pictured below).

She was skeptical of my paparazzi-like tendencies as I attempted to catch her every chew and squeak on camera.

Did you catch that word squeak? That's right- The Penny loves a squeaky toy and this was no exception!

However, she soon realized that if she moved a few feet to her left, she would be under the table and, therefore, slightly less easy to capture on film.

Now, let's see if her brother (The Nickel) finds the new toy or if she can keep him away from it...


  1. It may become another chick - is it a chick I am thinking of?

  2. Yep, it is indeed a chick to which she is so attached.

  3. How cute is this?!!!!! I love it (and so does Princess Penny I see). That would be my grandpuppy!!!

  4. Cute! Who knew fortune cookies were for dogs too!

  5. That is too cute!


  6. Now that's a smart cookie (The Penny that is) and a very cute idea!


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