Sunday, March 28, 2010

Audriella Says Goodbye to Austin, Fortune Cookies Included

Those of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time and/or know me in a non-virtual capacity know who my Audriella is. We were suitemates in college (a decade ago), and have been best friends ever since. Following too much time spent in Florida after college (ha!), she finally made it back to Texas - Austin - in 2008. 

Unless one of us was traveling, we have seen each other almost every day since her return. On the off chance that we didn't spend time together, we usually spent the day texting each other. She has been my go-to gal. She has been the best aunt Six Cents could ask for, offering walks and snuggles and too many treats. She has been a cleaning fairy, a laundry fairy, and an errand fairy. She has been a fantastic lunch and dinner companion, especially on short notice. She has been a nurse, bringing meds and food on days when I had a migraine (too frequently) or strep throat (twice in the past nine months!). She has been a dogsitter and a taxi service to and from the airport. We have spent holidays together and we have spent them apart; trust me when I say they are better spent together.

To say we can finish each other's sentences is an understatement, especially if a "Friends" quote is involved. We have a sense of UNAGI. She is the cheese to my macaroni, the Batman to my Robin (and vice versa, depending on the day).

As of Friday, March 26th, 2010, my Audriella no longer lives in ATX. She now resides in Washington, DC. I'll spare you the gory details of the move itself (it wasn't pretty), but I'm reminded of this fortune she received January 4th - "You will overcome difficult times." I am hopeful the worst is behind her.

On Audriella's last night in Austin, our good friends Bea Dazzler and UnScurvyGirl brought dinner from P.F. Chang's. Audriella's college roommate (and hence my other suitemate and our bff) Myrtle also joined in the fun. After she spent 12 hours watching movers pack all of her belongings onto a truck and then turning in her beloved car, Audriella opened her fortune cookie to reveal this not-a-fortune:
"Face any problem with dignity."
This was quite comical, given the day she had. She deemed herself a good candidate for a do-over and then received a second not-a-fortune:
"A small gift can bring joy to the whole family."

Myrtle's not-a-fortune was a repeat of my not-a-fortune from just two days earlier:
"Someone you care about seeks reconciliation."

My not-a-fortune left me baffled:
"A friend in the market is better than money in the purse."

UnScurvyGirl deemed her cookie insert half-fortune and half-not-a-fortune:
"Be careful! Straight trees often have crooked roots."

Audriella, I will miss you. I wish you the best.


  1. Sorry Fortune Cookie Junkie, you know me in a non-virtual capacity and therefore know that my focus in this post is Audriella's move and I don't really care about the fortunes (even though hers were pretty fitting). Big hugs being sent your way - especially because macaroni is just not the same without cheese! Good luck Audrey!

  2. I love my BFF, my Sunny, my go-to girl so much! I don't know what I'm going to do without you so close by. This post made me cry. Really cry...turn away and hide my face cry. I love you.

    "Wait, you're not talking about Chuckles University."

    "You need to calm down!"
    "I am calm!"
    "Okay, then I need to calm down."


    "What's Pivot?"

  3. This is definitely a sad time, but I can say for sure that the times you two get to spend together in the future will be so amazing. I can say this with authority because after college I moved from TX to DC and had to leave my BFF in TX. We were both crushed, but had the BEST times when we were lucky enough to see each other- even more fun than when we saw each other nearly daily. Now I am fortunate enough to be back in TX- at least in the same state as my BFF, so you never know how the future will change! Love to both of you!

  4. My best friend in college also moved away. I drove from Austin to Park City, Utah with her to help her move. I assure you that trip was pure chaos. I remember getting on the plane thinking that was it, I will never have a best friend again in my life. I cried the entire plane trip home. Needless to say, life went on and of course I have made new best friends. She has never been replaced but my chance to meet new friends has allowed me to have more chaotic roadtrips. You are both strong women who will move forward with grace and courage, but never forget each other.

  5. Audriella, we ALL miss you already! Oh that would be Allison's spelling.....let me rephrase.....Audrey, daughter #2, we miss you already! We, too, wish you the best!
    Love you.....


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