Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Is Scurvy...And Why Should You Care?

What is Scurvy? A condition caused by vitamin C deficiency and most commonly associated with pre-nineteenth-century sailors, modern cases of Scurvy are extremely rare. However, some people do still contract the disease as a result of a diet devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables. My good friend ScurvyGirl fell victim to this unfortunate situation when she was in college in the '90s because she chose to eat packaged ramen almost exclusively, despite her access to her university's dining hall and a pre-purchased meal plan.

And yet, as noted on her t-shirt (a gift from yours truly, created on zazzle), ScurvyGirl has not suffered from this condition in over a decade. Therefore, in the name of accuracy, I am revising her name. ScurvyGirl --> UnScurvyGirl.

*You may wonder whether UnScurvyGirl is wearing this shirt for any particular reason. Yes, as a matter of fact she is. She is wearing it in order to prepare homemade ramen. Stay tuned for my next post, in which I chronicle that endeavor...


  1. I had been wondering about this name!

  2. thats amazing
    your such a great friend allison
    congrats to your friend
    <3 margaret

  3. You know, I bet you could market that shirt and make a killing. There are plenty uniformed high school boys who would love to declare their unscurviness.

  4. Wow, what a typo - that was supposed to be uniNformed, not uniformed. It really changes the sentence around, huh.

  5. Very fun... love the shirt and love Frank's comment as well. Scurvy huh? Wow.

  6. I've been scurvy-free for over a decade too!! Not that I ever had it, but I still think it's an accomplishment.


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