Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Night of Food, Fortunes, and Not-a-Fortunes

Following our adventures at MT Supermarket last Saturday, Bea Dazzler's husband joined us at UnScurvyGirl's house for an evening of home-cooked goodness. 

Bea Dazzler made the tasty dumplings pictured above. I cannot overestimate how good they were.

In an effort to avoid contracting Scurvy for the second time in her life (hee hee), UnScurvyGirl made ramen from scratch.

Above: ramen assembly line
Below: assembled bowls of ramen

Following our taste-tastic homemade meal, UnScurvyGirl and Bea Dazzler introduced me to Mochi ice cream balls.

Mochi ice cream is a Japanese dessert made from sticky rice with an ice cream filling. It is golf-ball sized and comes in various flavors. We had mango and red bean mochi.

UnScurvyGirl and Bea Dazzler are big fans of the mochi. Me? Not so much. However, I am a fan of FORTUNE COOKIES, a big bag of which I had purchased earlier in the day...

Bea Dazzler's not-a-fortune: "You love a good challenge."

UnScurvyGirl's not-a-fortune: "You add an aesthetic quality to everything you do."

My ACTUAL FORTUNE: "Good ideas will spring forth naturally from your mind." (Crossing my fingers & toes since I can sure use some good ideas!)

Bea Dazzler's husband's ACTUAL FORTUNE: "You[r] present plans are going to succeed." (Very topical, as he had just finished regaling us with his plans.)

While it is rare for 50% of one night's cookie inserts to include actual fortunes, I can't end this post without also commenting on UnScurvyGirl's terrific peanut butter cookie sandwiches- essentially homemade Nutter Butters. I gorged on these that night and again the next, as she sent me home with leftovers. Best day and night I've had in quite some time!


  1. sounds like a good evening miss aw.

  2. Good, I am glad... you deserve it.

  3. What fun! And how delicious! Love the way your blog is developing! Keep up the good work!

  4. You have good food selection here. Mochi looks foreign to you but you did give it a try, though. Looks like you did enjoy eating that night and just loves food and trying something new.


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