Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fortune Cookie Accoutrements Everywhere!

My friend Blonde Birdie notified me of these cool DIY Valentine Fortunes:

Once available on Etsy, these do-it-yourself fortune cookies sold out on Feb. 10th. This is perplexing, as they arrive as a printable pdf via email once you have paid $3. I fail to see how one runs out of a pdf template attached to an email.

I'll be celebrating the Chinese New Year on February 14th, though, so I'm less interested in fortune cookies pre-decorated with pink and red hearts.

However, I am interested in this little gem:

This is a fortune cookie journal, available here for $8. plus s&h. This would be handy for all of you who keep your favorite cookie inserts in your wallet or on your refrigerator (hint, hint, Victoria). You may recall my special cookie insert-keeper, courtesy of Myrtle. It's fantastic. It is also quite full. I'm thinking the journal may be the most logical next step.

Where do YOU store your fortunes and not-a-fortunes?


  1. I have a couple waiting to share with you and then I trash them. That reminds me... I should just send them to you and move on. Maybe in a little while.

  2. So I shouldn't expect a fourtune cookie valentine from you?

  3. Those are adorable. Of course, you could always spice up personal fortunes by adding my favorite line to the end, and placing them under a pillow. I'm just saying....

  4. super cute. and love the journal idea. yep my fortunes are on the fridge or in my wallet. the bad ones go straight to the trash.


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