Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fortune Cookie Superstitions

My January 4th post, How to Choose a Fortune (Cookie), caused some activity in the comments section regarding how you, my loyal readers, go about selecting your own fortune cookies. For instance, while Charla employs the same method described in my original post (linked above), she does so with the thinking that "you can't choose someone's fortune for them." However, upon reflection she adds, "whatever [cookie] is left over was kind of chosen for you. Hmm..." Bad Kermit is under the impression that you're "supposed to take the cookie that 'points' at you," whereas Jennifer says, "I've always heard that you're not supposed to touch everyone's cookies - you're only supposed to pick up/touch the one you choose for yourself."

Many of your superstitions revolve around eating your fortune cookies. Victoria has to eat part of the cookie, or else she thinks that "what it says will not come true." Her second superstition is very intriguing: "And I think it is fiercely bad luck when you have an empty fortune [cookie] so immediately knock on wood or throw salt over my shoulder to offset the empty fortune [cookie] and then choose another. I am not a fan either of cracked cookies." She adds, "it sucks to be so superstitious." Ha! (I'm right there with you, V. Growing up with a superstitious father has led me to be hyper-aware of black cats and ladders.) Single Blonde in the City and Charla both have to eat half of the cookie, but mostly for the sweetness, not because of any belief that cookie ingestion will lead to true fortunes. 

Finally, the first friend I made in grad school (and maybe Austin?), who is best described as AwesomeFromAmherst, always eats the cookie before reading the insert. She believes that doing otherwise will negate the (potential) fortune. Her husband doesn't like fortune cookies, though, so to remedy this they have an agreement that she will eat both of their cookies before either of them are allowed to read the inserts. She gets mad at him if he looks at the insert(s) before she has eaten the cookies.

What are some other fortune cookie superstitions, either for selecting the cookies or for reading the inserts?

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