Saturday, December 5, 2009


A childhood friend of mine just created this gem for me:

The assumption of this not-a-fortune (which I love, by the way) is that the person who receives it will have already consumed the cookie by the time s/he (ME?!?) reads the insert. This leads me to wonder how many of you actually eat fortune cookies? Please respond by voting in the new poll located in the sidebar to the right. (Comments are always welcome as well.)

*Please note that the title of this post does not refer to this virtual gift as having been the inspiration for my blog, but rather my blog seems to have inspired the creation of the above graphic. It is one of the unexpected pleasures of this endeavor that my readers share their fortunes, not-a-fortunes, and other musings with me.

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  1. Hopefully there would not be enough poison in the first nibble. I never completely consume the cookie before reading the fortune. Kudos to me. ;)


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